ODIMBAR (One Day I Might Be A Raptor) was not here on 5 April 2017, but had set up his court by 14 April. From behaviour we have considered that he is newly adult-fledged, but he could be an older bird who has shifted his court. It is autumn and the courting that dominates reporting on bowerbirds is not due till spring.

As we begin this blog on 16 April 2017, we already have our hearts in our mouths, concerned that this new family member outside our suburban bedroom window will survive the competition and that his court may thrive. His day is busy: hunting, building, learning, asserting, defending, charming, singing, raucous caucusing and dancing.

And the evidence before us, of daily life, is much more complex than what one usually reads or views on Youtube, of isolated males building bowers in spring to try to entice picky females with whom their relations are fleeting. It's not like that at all here.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

23 April 2017 - day 10

The counting of days from 1 to 10 arose from our days of observation. But becomes irrelevant. The bower is perhaps 20 days old and from this point we simply have regard for the date.

We are in a temperate climate, south of Sydney Australia, near the coast. Autumn weather at the moment, days persistently balmy with temperatures 14 to 23 celsius with occasional excursions above of below.

If the bowerbird is building because it's mistaken the season we should know by next month.

We now have a camera in place in the garden which begins to film when there is movement. Put in place, attached to an old chair frame, end of yesterday, 22 April. We can lift the chair away at the end of the day today (without fumbling about with the camera near the bower). If you don't hear from me again it will be because I'm drowning in hours of recording!

This is the setup: bower on the right, camera on the chairback on the left, adjacent to the water bowl.

Bower to right, on the left the water bowl on concrete block, dark green boxy camera on back of steel chair.

and here is the handheld movie from 22 April, from the bedroom window from which the photos above are also taken.

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