ODIMBAR (One Day I Might Be A Raptor) was not here on 5 April 2017, but had set up his court by 14 April. From behaviour we have considered that he is newly adult-fledged, but he could be an older bird who has shifted his court. It is autumn and the courting that dominates reporting on bowerbirds is not due till spring.

As we begin this blog on 16 April 2017, we already have our hearts in our mouths, concerned that this new family member outside our suburban bedroom window will survive the competition and that his court may thrive. His day is busy: hunting, building, learning, asserting, defending, charming, singing, raucous caucusing and dancing.

And the evidence before us, of daily life, is much more complex than what one usually reads or views on Youtube, of isolated males building bowers in spring to try to entice picky females with whom their relations are fleeting. It's not like that at all here.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Day 5

This morning a flurry of green birds, Teehoops, came in just after 7 and in response from stage left (as I look upon it), entered Odimbar. His presence fairly quickly saw them off today. There remained Eastern Spinebills, a Black and White Flycatcher, wrens and wattlebirds, but no interaction between these and the bowerbird.

"I'm only barely tolerating you, you at the window."
Then, as I sat and watched and felt a little guilty about a rude movie I'd made yesterday in which I sarcastically suggested he was a thumb-twiddling male, he set to work. He came and went with fine new straws and proceeded to fit them into his bower. I was hurrying to go out. No video.

When I came back near 11, the bird in the photo was in charge of the scene. But despite my wearing nondescript dark colours and arriving quietly at my window, he/she saw me in in an instant and flew to the left and into the big magnolia.

Then, a bit later, to my far left, events in the movie below. Open to interpretation. This is my interpetation: I at first thought he, Odimbar, was trying to drive off a bird, but I shifted to think this is Yuthiwin, the bird also in the still shot above. They are having fun, or one of them at least is having fun. She acts like all this is her territory. Perhaps it has been her territory from before Odimbar became dominant male of the bower. We did not see the beginnings of the bower, I don't know if people get to see that beginning. What is the role of the Yuthiwin in that beginning? Who makes the start, who prepares the dance space? ... Another question: we have assumed that Odimbar is newly adult-fledged, this being a new bower. Or other interpretation possible?

The photo above is a little to the right of centre in window view. The movie is to the extreme left of my window view. In between is the 10 metre high bulky dark mass of the Port Wine Magnolia with its many roosting and nesting birds. The Yuthiwin lives there.

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